President’s Page


    2016 – 2017 President, Dr.  Susanne Gee

    Have you ever thought about joining Rotary? 
    It never occurred to ME until a friend of mine said she was a member and she asked me to come to a meeting with her. She was 40-ish and worked full time in her own business, just like me. She assured me it was not a “bunch of fat old men having lunch together.”
    Turns out I never went to a meeting with her because her club was too far from my work, but it motivated me to look for a local club and check it out. And that club was in West Seattle.
    If you live and/or work in West Seattle you already know it’s a great community and very open to helpful, neighborly interactions, local friendships and support. Well, that’s what Rotary is all about.
    We work with the West Seattle community, find local projects that we can manage, or contribute to, and then organize our members around that project. We also contribute to international projects by connecting with other clubs in the worldwide rotary community.
    We are most proud of our ongoing projects that include:
       1. The Christmas Shopping Spree for local children in need of clothing.
       2. The Gardening/Yard Project for senior citizens.
       3. Shelter Box donations for housing in disaster areas, nationally and internationally.
       4. Contributions to eradicate polio and malaria through our international rotary foundation.
    We welcome your interest in The Rotary Club of West Seattle and would enjoy having you visit. Find out for yourself why we have a growing and active membership in our West Seattle club.
    Please consider this YOUR invitation to meet us!