Club Officers

Alan Mitchell, Club President
Kjersti Stroup, Club Vice President
Bruce Palmer, President-Elect & Club Fundraiser
Mike Tadych, Club Secretary
Dawn Schaper, Immediate Past President
Steven Daschle, Club Treasurer
Alan Mitchell, Membership (acting)
Amy Lee Derenthal, Public Relations
Ron Zuber, Club Administration
Gina Topp, Service Projects
John Gardiner, RI Foundation
John Enger, Director at Large 1

Foundation Officers

Kjersti Stroup, Foundation President
Alan Mitchell, Foundation Vice President
Dawn Schaper, Immediate Past President
George Brinkmann, Past Presidents’ Representative
Gina Topp and Kjersti Stroup, Community Services Committee Co-Chairs
Al Bernahl and Judy Tavel, International Services Committee Co-Chairs
Mark Ward, Vocational Services Committee Chair
Susan Lindblom, Youth Services Committee Chair
Bruce Palmer, Fundraising Committee Chair
Mike Tadych, Foundation Secretary
Barb Charbonneaux, Foundation Treasurer

Other Positions

Christine Peak, Club Programs
Bruce Palmer, WebMaster (acting)
Ann Avery, Bulletin Editor