When I first became a Rotarian in Fallbrook California, I had no idea how diverse each group could be or how much influence each group had in the community they served. We attended each other’s big events and raised money for so many deserving organizations, but mainly Rotary International (RI). All Rotary clubs work so hard to support RI’s projects which include ending polio, fighting hunger, and creating solutions for clean water issues around the world.

One day, I was going through my grandfather’s jewelry box that my grandmother gave to me after he passed and I found not only my grandfather’s Mason ring, but also his Rotary pin. He had been very active in Rotary and I wished I could talk to him about what his projects were and what mattered most to his club.

As I considered his involvement in Rotary, I began thinking about our entire family. In it, all the women are nurses and all the men are or were Navy & Marines. It makes sense that we all seek service above self. That is the Rotary Motto, and it is our family motto as well.


In 2011 I came back to Seattle from San Diego, and I immediately looked for two things: a new home and a Rotary group. I found my home in Bryn-Myer Skyway and then began searching for my new Rotary group. I visited a few, but when I first walked into the Rotary Club of West Seattle, I knew I’d found the right one. I had also found a job in West Seattle, so it was all falling into place..

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the West Seattle community for over 9 years. I am currently the Executive Director at Brookdale Admiral Heights and President of the Rotary Club of West Seattle. I couldn’t be more proud than to serve my seniors, my community and my Rotary Club.

I encourage you to check us out. Although we are currently meeting on Zoom, we are still a lively, friendly and hard-working group. I’m sure you will feel as welcome as I did.

Dawn Schaper

Current President