I joined Rotary because my dad has been a Rotarian for 37 years. Growing up, each Tuesday night, I’d hear about the speaker my dad's club had at lunch and about the current projects they were working on. I loved that these business members came together weekly to meet with like-minded-individuals and do nothing but good, and I loved the structure of the meetings when I attended.

I knew I wanted to join at some point and had that opportunity when I opened my own law practice a few years ago.

West Seattle Rotary Club brings together a mix of local West Seattleites for fellowship and to promote the ideal of "service about self" that Rotary is all about. We are one of thousands of clubs throughout the world, but we have our own unique and fun traditions that we've built over the last 76 years. From providing new school supplies and scholarships to local youth to cleaning up the yards of elderly neighbors, we serve a variety of needs throughout the community.

I personally invite you to check out our club. We meet every Tuesday from 12-1:30 at the West Seattle Golf Course. There is a $20 fee for visitors to cover lunch costs.

Yours in service,

Kjersti Stroup, President 2023-24