The Rotary Club of West Seattle offers two types of college scholarships every year to qualified students who apply: the Student of the Year scholarship and the Gambriell Scholarship. The Application Form is for both.

In addition to completing both pages of the application, write an essay: typed, double-spaced, maximum 2 pages. Include your name, address, phone number, email address in the heading. In this essay, describe your educational and career goals, what motivates you, your personal experiences to this point and how they have influenced you, and what you hope to achieve in your personal and professional life after completing your chosen educational goals. Sign your essay.


The Student of the Year scholarship is awarded to students who were named Student of the Month through their respective schools. Variable amounts are awarded, depending on how large the fund is each year and how many students apply.

The Gambriell Scholarship can be awarded to any student in Seattle, but preference is given to those who reside in West Seattle and those who would not be able to attend college or further their education without the scholarship. Variable amounts are awarded each year, depending on how many students apply.

Download, fill out the information, save and email to the current Youth Services-The Rotary Club of West Seattle: