The Rotary Club of West Seattle offers three different college scholarships every year to qualified students: the Student of the Year scholarship, the Gambriell Scholarship and the Past Presidents’ Scholarship.

The Student of the Year Scholarship is awarded only to students who were named Student of the Month through their respective schools. The application for this scholarship is sent directly to Students of the Month; therefore it is not available on this website.


The Gambriell Scholarship can be awarded to any student in Seattle, but preference is given to those who reside in West Seattle and those who would not be able to attend college or further their education without the scholarship. Financial need is a major element in awarding the Gambriell Scholarship. Variable amounts are awarded each year, depending on how many students apply.

The Past Presidents’ Scholarship is available to students who are not Rotarians or members of a Rotarian’s immediate family. Awardees must either reside in the West Seattle area or be graduating this year from a West Seattle area school. The scholarship may be used to obtain a 4-year degree or an advanced degree.

Download Gambriell application Download Past Presidents’ application